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What we love to do :

  • Hair Color : Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, Single Color, Lowlights, Highlights, Color Collection, Color Correction
  • Permanent Waves : Wave Master Perm, Iron Perm, Digital Perm, Setting Perm
  • Hair Straightening : Magic Straight Perm, Volume Magic Perm, Japanese Straight Perm, Keratin, Brazilian Blowout
  • Hair Cuts : Women, Men, Children
  • Intensive and Restorative Deep Treatments
  • Scalp Treatment Packages
  • Manicure & Pedicure with Nail Art
  • Permanent Makeup : Microblading, Shadow, Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip Color
  • Eyelash Services
  • Skin Care

Introducing the IRON PERM! Great for both men and women and for short and long hair.

Ideal for thinning hair and for creating maximum volume. Makes styling straight and thinning hair much easier.

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9:30 am-6:30 pm


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

Happy clients are our priority!

  • "This is my first hair cut since moving to the Orange County area. And I chose this salon because of its reviews. And I don't regret it the slightest. They were able to get me in right away with Eunice. She's new to the salon but she is amazing. She knew how to cut it and how to style it like she's been doing my hair for years. An amazing place and super clean. I'll definitely go back!"
    Alyssa B,LasVegas
  • "I have been looking for a hair stylist that can do exactly what I wanted and suggest new ideas. Tried local salons but my hair never came out the way I wanted. The salon is very modern and cool looking! Yu Jin did an EXCELLENT job with my hair and was exactly what I wanted for a long time. They have the best customer service, awesome skills! One more, I expected a large bill but for my surprise it was very moderate! Thank you and I will be sure to recommend and come back!"
    Y C, Tustin
  • "Yujin is the sweetest. Came in last minute and both Alex and Yujin were so accommodating. I was the only one left at the salon and yujin still took her time to make sure hair was perfect. Looking forward to my next visit :)"
    Karen L.,
  • "We've been seeing Yujin off and on for a year or so. Overall, I think she's great - 5+ for great color. She is excellent all-around as a stylist - it's hard to find someone who is good at both color and cuts, but she is that unicorn who can do both well. Really beautiful balayage."
    MN., Irvine, CA
  • "This salon is amazing! I went here because I heard that Yujin is a master with hair color.
    My hair is very dark and a little resistant when being lightened. I have a pixie cut and wanted to be platinum blonde. Yujin did an amazing job! It took about three rounds of bleach and one touch up, in a two week span but the results were awesome!
    I will stay a faithful client to Yujin forever!"
    Susan P., Garden Grove, CA
  • "At last, thank you Alex, Elisa and that one lady who greeted me when I first walked in. It was an experience that I have never had before at other salons. That being said, I think I have finally found a place where I will keep coming back!"
    Andrew T., Tustin, CA
  • "I had an amazing experience when I took my son with me the last time I went. Eunice is a very good hair stylist. My son came home with a very clean cut and a fashionable hair style. I really liked the perm that I received from Eunice. I would 100% recommend this place!"
    Joy H, Fullerton
  • "I was so extremely happy with what Yu Jin did for me! She always makes me feel so comfortable every time I see her. Not only is warm and sweet as a person but she is a true artist."
    Tina H, South Bay, CA
  • "Love this salon! It was easy to book an appoinment and the salon itself is very stylish and welcoming. Everyone is friendly, and Yu Jin even offered me snacks, as I was there with her for almost four hours getting my hair to the right color. She made sure to protect the integrity of my hair and explained every step, making sure to ask periodically if I was ok with where the look was going. The cost was great and I look awesome!"
    Elise L., Santa Ana, CA
  • "This is a one stop shop salon. While I was waiting for my hair color to set I was able to get a wonderful pedicure. Highly recommend coming here."
    Stacy M., Torrance, CA
  • "I had been looking for a salon to cut my hair so I could donate it to Locks of Love however, every place I called, made me feel like they were not interested in my business. I decided to e-mail this salon and Alex scheduled my appointment ASAP and hassle free! He made me feel like they had been waiting for me all along! When I got there, everyone was so kind and friendly. My stylist Yu-Jin did an amazing job. I keep getting compliments left and right on how perfect my cut is."
    Carmen M, Fullerton, CA
  • "It is located in Old Town Tustin. You will find them in the same parking lot on El Camino Real as Honda-Ya. I really enjoyed my haircut today. The staff here is very pleasant and helpful. Prices are reasonable. This is a full service salon too. My stylist today was Eunice. She did a superb professional job. She is friendly, detail oriented and works quickly. I would totally visit here again and ask for Eunice. You probably should make an appointment in advance. Highly recommend."
    Jerry M, Tustin
  • "I got so many compliments after I visited Yu Jin last Saturday. She is an expert. She definitely knows what a customer wants and makes it happen. I would recommend to anyone who's looking for a go-to place to do the hair."
  • "I just moved to the area and I am beyond happy to have found such an awesome salon. I came here to fix a botched haircut and it turned out amazing. They are not only kind but also take time for each customer (awesome head massage!). Yujin is amazing and really listens to her customers. My hair turned out better than I imagined and I am definitely going back for my next session!"
    Hannah S., San Diego, CA
  • "Yujin never fails to amaze me. I got a balayage this week and was worried my hair would come out brassy or orange. She did better than I could've expected and even made me an appointment to even it out even more (my hair was bad prior) in 3 weeks so my hair wasn't damaged. She's just the best and so sweet and amazing. Yujin is the person to go to! Just love her!!!"
    Jane M., Tustin, CA
  • "After trying different Asian stylists in OC, I had my heart set for Yujin. She has great skills and understands what you need. She uses botanic products so you don't have to worry about damages from coloring or styling. She's a perfectionist and you can never go wrong with her!"
    Bonnie C, Irvine
  • "If you're looking for a salon! this is a great place! My mom had her hair cut for 5 years now with Eunice , and so when she transferred to another location, we decided to go and have my hair done by her! I am amazed! The employees were all very friendly and kind! They offered food, service and smiles!! My hair was so damaged, too light, and the color was just horrendous, THEY definitely did a GREAT job in fixing it. I am definitely recommending this place to all my friends GO CHECK IT OUT!"
    Niandra L, Westminster
  • "I absolutely love and adore Yujin and Julia. They are both amazing. My hair never felt so healthy and they've spent so much time and care with my hair. I have trust issue when it comes with anyone coloring or cutting my hair. I put a lot of trust in Yujin and she is such a professional. It was definitely worth it. Every girl deserves to be pampered and get her hair done and treated. Yujin is the best! I recommend everyone to go see her!!"
    Cee N., Newport Beach, CA
  • "I had my hair colored by Yujin. She did a beautiful job! I'm really excited about my new hair color. I showed her a picture of the hair color I wanted and she was able to replicate it and make it look even better. She is very creative and used three different colors to add a lot of dimensions to my hair. It took around 5 hours for the coloring process. There were 2 rounds of bleaching and 1 round of color. The price was pretty reasonable. I'll be coming back for touch ups!"
    Linda K., Lake Forest, CA

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